What makes you different sets you apart and gives you power.

Welcome to Oddity Reigns palace, a place where what makes you stand out matters. I am Nomzamo Nhlapo, the writer behind this blog, and yes! “Oddity” is just my nickname (how I wish it were my real one, Lol!). I write about anything that strikes my interest, from how I like my coffee in the morning, the books I read, Mental Health, Hair and make-up and how to get through this life thing and actually enjoy it. Oh, I’m pretty motivating too.

Why Oddity Reigns? Let me break it down for you.

I grew up as the “Odd one out”, the girl who wore glasses from the 4th grade and was often told I “look at people” different (That’s because of my lazy right eye ofcourse) . . . half the time I felt sidelined mainly because of my visual impairment. Not only that, but as I’m getting older, I’m learning that a lot of things are just weird about me, from the way I think to How I do things. So I thought it’s high time I owned it. Instead of feeling bad about not being the same as others, why not make it work for me? That’s how “Oddity” was born. One particular guy who was a good friend of kine (may his Soul Rest in Peace) used to call me “Peculiar” another word for Odd.

Oddity (noun) means a state or quality of being odd; Singularity. To reign is to rule. Oddity Reigns, whatever sets me apart from people makes me powerful. I own my imperfections. Now, this may sound like I’m praising Myself but to me it’s a love letter to myself and everyone who feels like they don’t belong because they are different from others. Whatever it is, I’m here to say OWN IT! Make it work for you. If you don’t know how, help me help you know how to love yourself better, improve your relationships, and live your best life fearlessly.

Get Oddified and Reign with me

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